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I love cooking hearty dishes, and warm treats in the Fall and Winter, which is why I also love slow cooker recipes. So here is massive list of recipes that are great for this time of year!

Soups, Stews, and Entrées


I have the best Daddy (BioShock)
by Tulpen-Teufel


I have the best Daddy (BioShock)

by Tulpen-Teufel

Why the fuck do I feel like an ass hole for asking the woman who said she wanted to be friends to stop teasing me? i.e. touching me innapropriately. How is it that she’s allowed to get mad at me for telling her that unless she is willing to take care of the boner she gave me then to stop the touching of my body and purposely making me get hard? Hmm why do I feel like the shitbag in the situation? Every time I bring it up she always tried to change the subject or leave the room but finally when I confronted her while blocking the door so we could talk about it she makes me out to be the villain for having feelings?

"I’m sick and tired of being taken for granted by the people who I care about."


- Capricorn (zodiacsociety)

I care so much, but I don’t want to care, and that tears me to pieces- and then I tear myself to pieces.
jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)

Not this again.
I’m shutting down.
My heart slows as it struggles to give me a beat.
There’s ringing in my ears, and I can’t hear the voices in my head or the music on my stereo through the flat line tone echoing in my ear.
There’s pressure on my chest as I struggle to breath, and I know my rib cage knows my heart is going to explode, because why else is it bracing my lungs so tightly together .

My mind panics and it lets me down.

(via ohsatsune)
Kiss her. Slowly, take your time, there’s no place you’d rather be. Kiss her but not like you’re waiting for something else, like your hands beneath her shirt or her skirt or tangled up in her bra straps. Nothing like that. Kiss her like you’ve forgotten any other mouth that your mouth has ever touched. Kiss her with a curious childish delight. Laugh into her mouth, inhale her sighs. Kiss her until she moans. Kiss her with her face in your hands. Or your hands in her hair. Or pulling her closer at the waist. Kiss her like you want to take her dancing. Like you want to spin her into an open arena and watch her look at you like you’re the brightest thing she’s ever seen. Kiss her like she’s the brightest thing you’ve ever seen. Take your time. Kiss her like the first and only piece of chocolate you’re ever going to taste. Kiss her until she forgets how to count. Kiss her stupid. Kiss her silent. Come away, ask her what 2+2 is and listen to her say your name in answer.
Azra.T, ”This Is How You Keep Her” (via petrichour)


I was chatting with a donor before I drew his blood, and he was a dentist. when I actually drew him, there was just a little squirt of blood and it surprised him

I looked him in they eye and told him “you’re bleeding because you don’t floss”

and he went dead silent